Tuesday, September 23, 2014

August 2014

     This month will be a photo journal, beginning with our departing missionaries! (Front: Sisters Womack, Margaritis, Hansen, Casper, with Sis. & Pres. Eaton; Back:  Elders Voracek, Dymock, Howell, Bradford, McKendrick, Fitzgerald, Beckstrand, and Carpenter.)

     Our August incoming missionaries are Sisters Lee, Hill, Moore, Baxter, Hill, Sasagi, with Sis. & Pres. Eaton in front.  Elders Palo, Clauson, Shreeve, Graham, Wagstaff, Anderton, Bakes, and Kelly are behind.

     The rest are candids from zone conference.  Thanks to Elder Nowlin for serving as the photographer.

 Some birthday missionaries--Sisters Swapp, Peterson, Copen, and Keele, and Elders Batchelor, Anderton, Hisita, Bonner, Brown, Solomon, Rodgers, Oliphant, Pennington, and Lund

Singing during a break--Sisters Lee, Peacock, Wright, Biggs, Henderson, Barlow, Halford and Elder Patchett

More break singing--Sisters Henderson, Barlow, Halford, and Elders Turney, Patchett, and Kelly with Pres. Eaton

 Lunch with Elders Anderson, Coombs, Tavo, Nguyen, and Downing

Learning by faith--Sisters Flamm, Kirschner, Ah-Hong, Sasagi, Walker (backs of Sisters Moore, Cass, Mecate, and Eaton)

Learning by faith--Sisters Hill, Evans-Bottoms, Hills, Hanson, Yim, Sharp, Hutchendorf, and Hehl

Learning by faith--Elders Walters, Cannon, Fruehan, Bulloch, and Curtis


More lunchtime!

Elders Loveland, Zamora, Capener, Dold, Meyer, Grandstaff, Brown, and Berkheimer

Group discussions--Sisters Eaton, Hopkins, Ripplinger, Creager, Cox, and Ballard

More group discussions--Sisters Taylor, Hill, Lee, Parry, Simmons, and Goble

Elders Carson, Johnson, Berkheimer, Young, Brown, Gunnell, and Wagstaff

(from wall) Sisters Sonasi, Pearson, Clement, Ballard, Creager, Ripplinger, Hopkins, Goble, Simmons, and Taylor; (from wall) Bro. Eaton, Elders Goodell and Olson

Lunch again!

Elders Myers, Buchannan, Palo, Hardt, Lemmon, and Jenkins

Sisters Dudek, Walker, Alder, Wolfe, Muir, Judd, Killingsworth, Olson, and Dubon; Elders Caputo, Bennett, (hidden), Andrasko, Tima, Rogers, Tui, and Noh

(near to far) Elders Jenkins, Lemmon, Hardt, and Palo

Elders Palo, Andrasko, Freeman, Bennett, Tima, Caputo, and Hardt

Front group: Sisters Weldon, Muir, Goaslind, and Jeffrey; Back group: Sisters Alder, Sheffer, Walker, and Dudek

Sisters Olson, Heaton, Dolan and Wolfe

Elder Maxwell, Sisters Alder, Muir, Judd, Wolfe, and Pres. Eaton shifting the burden to help investigators discover

Singing for our supper--Elders Rogers,Spillsbury, Maxwell, Green, Jenkins, Hardt, Palo, Andrasko, Tui, Tima, Grant and Bodily

Back row: Elders Albrecht and Kim; Front (near to far): Bro. Eaton, Elders Goodell, Olson (rest hidden)

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