Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May 2015

     May was zone conference month.  We talked about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and what an amazing gift it is from the Father.  With that doctrinal backdrop, we discussed how we can find those interested in hearing the good news.  The topic of finding was inspired by training we received from the First Quorum of the Seventy in April.

1) Graham & Puyallup South Zone
2) Role Plays
3) Sisters Lucky and Simmons role play
4) Elders Mathews and Brice
5/6/7) Lunch


  Mission Leadership Council--Front: Sisters Kirschner, Walker, Webb, Sis. & Pres. Eaton, Sisters Clement, Halford, and Hill; Middle: Elders Mathews, Wilcox, Graham, Gamble, Coombs, Mosses, Albrecht, and Ludlow; Back: Elders Olsen, Johnson, Holtry, John, Batchelor, Dold, Anderson, Jenkins, Hilton, and Mousser

   These good missionaries left us on Memorial Day--Front: Elders Johnson & Russell, with Sis. & Pres. Eaton, Sisters Kirschner & Sheffer; Back: Elders Wilde, Lund, Barron, Bagley, Newman, Batchelor, Freeman, & Pennington


And then we welcomed our 17th group!  Our tent is enlarging and so are our hearts! (Front: Sisters Hollingsworth & Baird, Sis. & Pres. Eaton, Sisters Edmonds & Nonu; Back: Elders Jiao, Sanders, Pratt, and Rhee)

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