Sunday, November 1, 2015

October 2015

     We had two mission leadership council meetings this month.  One was in a "place set apart."  We went on a Mt. Rainier hike and discussed prayer, revelation, and the Book of Mormon.  The picture shows--Front: Sisters Sonasi, Wright, Dodson, Halford, Goodman, Baxter, Hill, and Singer; Middle: Pres. Eaton, Elders Noh, Christiansen, Jones, Lewis, Nelson, and Sis. Eaton; Back: Elders Graham, Holtry, Johnson, Willardsen, Downing, Tavo, Brown, Taliauli, Andrasko, Berkheimer, Maekawa, Anderton, and Wagstaff.

     Our second leadership council was under the direction of Elder Larry Lawrence of the Seventy. He led the council in outlining steps to achieve a missionwide goal of 40 baptisms during the month of November. He counseled us to pray in every prayer for 40 baptisms during the month of November and to find out what the Lord would have us sacrifice in an effort to reach this goal. In addition, we are ponderizing a scripture together as a mission each week that focuses on the doctrine of Christ.  The picture shows--front: Sisters Goodman, Baxter, Sonasi, Wright, Hill, Sis. & Elder Lawrence, Sisters Singer, Dodson, and Halford; middle: Elders Berkheimer, Nelson, Noh, Tavo, Johnson, Jones, Pres. Eaton, Elders Lewis, Nelson, and Holtry; back: Elders Willardsen, Andrasko, Christiansen, Maekawa, Graham, Anderton, Wagstaff, Taliauli, Brown, and Downing

     During his mission tour, Elder Lawrence taught about increasing our faith (summarize below) and giving our committed investigators intensive care treatment (coming next month).  Sister Lawrence taught about the gathering of the House of Israel.

     Principles of exercising faith:
1) Have a righteous desire/goal that we cannot accomplish on our own
2) Be believing, getting rid of doubt/fear
3) Plead with the Lord in every prayer, over and over again
4) Commit fully to the accomplishment of the goal, being creative to do everything you can
5) Expect trials and obstacles; then double efforts
6) Have faith and expect the Lord will bring this about

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