Saturday, April 2, 2016

March 2016

     In March we had a specialized training on personal and companion study.  Of course we want scripture study to continue long after full-time missionary service is completed.  We hoped to generate the following outcomes:
      1.    Study, not read.  Missionaries will begin to understand how and desire to study the scriptures rather than simply read them.
2.      Lifelong habit.  Missionaries will understand the importance of and have a resolve to study the Book of Mormon daily for the rest of their lives and to help their investigators do the same.
3.       Applied study.  Missionaries will understand why and how to apply their morning study to their investigators and potential investigators.
4.      Building doctrinal foundation.  Missionaries will understand the importance of and be committed to engaging in a deeper study of the doctrines taught in the missionary lessons.

     We are shrinking as a mission!  While we had 7 missionaries departing this month (front: Sisters Goodman, Singer, Dodson, with Sis. & Pres. Eaton; back: Elders Larsen, Tima, Tavo, and Patchett) we only had 2 arriving!  We are especially pleased to welcome Hermana McGarity and Elder Lewis!

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